About Me

I’m a writer, and have been since I can remember. I grew up in Wallasey, my childhood full of adventures and getting into trouble. I left school with nothing, started work in the killing fields of Liverpool (LOL) and ended up collecting rents for Wirral Borough Council.I traveled, and I even acted a bit, and learned so much along the way

I began to take things seriously in the late 70s, wrote some books, and submitted one, first to Jonathan Cape, then to McMillan, and finally to Heinemann. I received courteous rejections.

Getting married, moving area, becoming a teacher, my life sort of followed a predictable route. And then, for my 50th birthday, I went to see Genesis at Twickenheam

Something happened to me that day.

There they were, my idols, singing as if the years had simply been erased. I remembered all my idealistic wonderings, dreams, aspirations I had when I first listened to them way back when. And seeing them again, and knowing I had achieved none of my dreams, I promised myself that I would put all ny energy back into being creative.

I got a short story published, and began to write a monthly column for a magazine. I worked hard, plotted stories, rediscovered the joys of writing. I’d always been able to write gripping stories, my grammar was good, my knowledgeable of literature and literary forms wide. I devoured books, and still do. And always, my imagination conjured up a huge assortment of tales.

In 2009, 30 years after my first submission to Jonathan Cape, I managed to get published.

The cover of my first 'legitimate' novel, Cold Hell in Darley Dene

The cover of my first ‘legitimate’ novel, Cold Hell in Darley Dene

‘Cold Hell in Darley Dene’ was first, followed by a string of YA horror stories. I couldn’t stop.


I wrote some cross-over stories, experimented with adult themes, and now I write more grown-up work using my real name. At present I have 16 books published, with more to follow.

My latest novel is an historical thriller entitled ‘VARANGIAN’ , published by Rebel-E. It is receiving some excellent reviews.

varangian and burnt

I try and help others when I can. I feel I should give back some of my experience. Often people disagree with me, as I am of the firm belief that one is not truly ‘published’ until one does this job professionally. I don’t. I teach. How else can I put food on the table? For me, the only way to become full-time is to be published by traditional publishers, such as Picador, Bantam, Harper, etc, etc. Up to now my publishers are small, independent presses. They are cool guys and girls, and should never be overlooked. They give advice, and do all the boring stuff like ISBNs. Creativity is left to me, and I love it.

Well, thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. You can find out more about me by visiting my websites. and find out all the latest. I also highlight some unpublished stories on WATTPAD.

For YA novels, visit http://www.glennstuart.co.uk

For adult material: http://www.stuartgyates.com



5 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you for the follow! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Hi Stuart,
    I admit am an incorrigible nitpicker and perhaps a frustrated editor/writer (actually an accountant), bur I feel I have to point out that in the paragraph that begins “I got a short story published”‘, you write knowledgeable when you clearly meant to write knowledge.

    BTW, I enjoyed Varangian..

  3. ..and I am prone to typos as well 🙂

    • Thanks Kris! All fixed. I’m happy you enjoyed Varangian. Ive finished the 2nd volume and am about 25,000 words into the third. I hope you enjoy each one as much. X

  4. Good for you; I admire perserverance!

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