Adventures in writing…advance paying indies?

I’ve become aware recently of a new phenomenon in publishing. If, like me, you are published, you will know how difficult this is. I understand why so many would-be writers become frustrated by endless rejections, but I’m of the belief such things indicate two things … 1, perhaps your work isn’t quite good enough, and 2, you need to try, try, try again. One of the developments in publishing has been the explosion of independent publishers, ones who offer editorial support, marketing advice (many even assist in this), production of e-books and paperbacks, and all the other things the big traditional publishers offer. And all for free. Most, but not all of course, offer very fair royalty rates. Like with everything, it’s best to shop around, visit Predators and Editors, Ralan, and other advisory web-sites. You don’t want to get burned, although even the most careful of us still do! But, what I have discovered lately is the rise of advance paying publishers. This is quite a juicy prospect! Imagine, a publisher having so much faith in your words, they are willing to put their support into pounds, shillings and pence! Okay, some may not be offering the world, but one or two are offering advances against sales in many thousands of dollars. And I say ‘dollars’ because a great many of these publishers are American. I feel this is a tremendous step forward for Indie book publishers. To be given an advance is, in my mind, an affirmation. I think, being honest, I’d consider myself a real writer if I were given an advance. Why not put yourself on the mailing list of ´My Perfect Pitch’, a wonderful site which produces a monthly list of royalty paying publishers from a number of genres. You never know, it could be the start of something big. Good luck. gives you lots of advice is my website where you can found out all about my published works and where to buy my books. Many thanks for dropping by.


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