My last post caused a considerable amount of debate, which is great. I didn’t set out to be controversial, just stated some personal observations about promoting.

Talking of which, to lighten the mood, I thought I’d share some thoughts about promotional videos for my YA novels that I played around with some years back.

The first I did myself for ‘The Accursed Dawn’.

The cover of The Accursed Dawn, the first in the trilogy of terror by Glenn Stuart.

The cover of The Accursed Dawn, the first in the trilogy of terror by Glenn Stuart.

I had such great fun making this, using some students – and a teacher – from my school to help out. It was slammed by my publisher who just didn’t get it at all, said it was too blurred and dark. Well, it used to be on Youtube, but it is no longer. Don’t know why, perhaps they thought it was too scary? Anyway, it received 43 views. A pity 43 people didn’t buy the book (I’m joking – stop taking me so seriously!).

This next one was produced professionally by another publisher of mine, for my paranormal thriller ‘Sallowed Blood’, which I still believe to be one of the best horror novels I’ve written. Please be patient, it is Youtube and so takes a little while to load:

I think it is effective, really quite creepy with great music! Choosing the correct music really does help. I purchased the music-clip for my movie, spent about 50 dollars I seem to recall, but now it’s mine! You need to be careful with music and photographs, making sure you have the correct copyright. I’ve purchased a number of such ‘stock’ photos, but it is so easy to spend, spend ,spend in all this promoting malarkey. Take it easy, and don’t spend more than you have to. The bottom line is to enjoy what you do, have fun with the process. I filmed myself reading from ‘Don Luis’ a few years back and that was such good fun.

Not sure if I’d do any of this now, as it makes no difference whatsoever. That’s not me being cynical or pessimistic before anyone sounds off about that! It’s a simple truth. It doesn’t work. However, it is such great fun to download pics, come up with ideas, play around with it. Being creative.

Last time I talked about the simple joy and need of writing. I feel very strongly that if you come into the writing business thinking you are going to make money, you will find nothing but disappointment and failure. Then, you will stop writing. You must write because you want to, because it is ingrained into your psyche, your very lifeblood. I write because there is simply nothing else I want to do. It is who I am. I am a maker of stories, a creator of worlds; I populate the universe with characters of my own imagination. And I love it. Sure, if I make some money, I would be very happy. Who wouldn’t be? But it is not my raison d’être for putting pen to paper every morning. It is simply me.

Enjoy the little video, enjoy my books, but most of all, enjoy writing for writing’s sake!

And talking of enjoying, if anyone would like to review my book ‘Varangian’ I would gladly send you a free paperback edition, or an e-book for any platform. Please let me know by contacting me by email:

Many thanks, and keep reading!


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