Adventures in Writing…the future is looking…?

Just returning from Facebook and watching Matt Damon talk about how we need to make changes to the way we run our world. Seems like many celebrities are beginning to enter into the debate for a sort of non-conformist, civil disobedience stance. Russell Brand did a similar thing not so long ago on Newsnight.

I’m an advocate of free-speech. It is immaterial if you agree or not, but the right to voice opinions is a major pillar of our democracy. So let the debate rage, and may it change people’s minds and force us all to look towards the future and do our damnedest to make it a good one!

Now, you may be wondering what on earth any of this has to do with writing.


The thing is, these questions have always been a rich vein for me to explore creatively.

I wrote a cross-over book entitled ‘The Sandman Cometh’ which explored ideas to do with control. What if we were all fitted with a chip in our heads, inserted at birth, which changed or even removed our memories? What if children no longer had parents, that their lives were manipulated by nameless, faceless governments and every facet of society kept under strict control by the hideous Sandmen of the title? When I was young I used go to sleep with the sound of my heart beating through the pillow, and I believed the noise was that of a drum, signalling the approach of the Sandman. Awful dreams of being ‘caught’ outside after dark, of these things coming through my backyard door to seize me and take me away. And then, the terrible night when my father did not come home, and my mother went out into the dark streets to find him…These incidents occur in my book, and the hero, or anti-hero in many ways, struggles to overthrow the imbalance because his chip has malfunctioned, and he remembers.

Kindle version of The Sandman Cometh

Kindle version of The Sandman Cometh

Well, such a story found inspiration, not only from my dreams, but also in the changes – or advances – brought in by scientific research. Perhaps, in the future, we will not require men and women to co-habit in order for the species to continue. Perhaps a ‘Brave New World’ really is not so very far away?

And then, I began to think of other, more pressing things. The environment, the dangers we face through climate change and over-population. What if governments were secretly conjuring up plans to ‘wipe-out’ huge swathes of the population? What if this ‘cull’ was followed by the rich and powerful being left in charge, with armies of simpletons, their brains made smooth, the drones of a new society? What if someone discovered this plan, a policeman, someone in authority, and tried to do something about it? Well, I plotted and wrote the first draft and then, just the other day, I came across an interview Bill Gates had done…and it is chilling. Yes, the man who promotes helping the Third world and donates millions to the impoverished, appears to be advocating population control…enforced population control. To say I was stunned is an understatement. Maybe my book isn’t so far from the mark…

This book ‘Minus Life’ is finished and is now in the re-editing stage. I am hoping to submit it sometime in the New Year. As with all my books, there is a lot of me in there, with characters and scenarios lifted from my own experiences. Despite books being set in the future, they still need a semblance of truth. This is what makes fiction so powerful. The best stories are not far-fetched, or so improbable that readers shake their heads and toss the book aside. If it is believable, even high-fantasy, then readers will become engaged and will want to finish.

Well, I’ve given a tiny insight into what I do, and how I do it. I hope you enjoy reading about my writing journey, and please comment whenever you can.

Thank you for all your support and please visit my website to catch up on my work and other news. Thanks for reading.


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